Ocean Phoenix

Ocean Phoenix is a 1989 C&C 37 R. We purchased her in September of 2017 and I do believe that we are the third owners of her. As an R version of the 37/40 series she known for her speed and her racing abilities.

The interior has an open feel to it and is designed as a racer. We will be changing this, adding some shelves, updating the wiring and plumbing and everything else needed in order to make her our forever boat, our liveaboard.

The exterior of Ocean Phoenix is sleek. Her lines are long and powerful, a beauty for sure as she sits in the water. Her draft is 8’2″ making her a great deep water boat and a little tricky when we start sailing the different islands in the south.

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James and Tammy

2 Replies to “Ocean Phoenix”

  1. Good to see another 37/40 being saved! I have a 1989 37+. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions. There is also a wealth of information over on the cncphotoalbum.com where you can sign up for the email list –



    1. Hello Josh. Nice to hear from you. I would love to see some pics of your vessel. I would definitely reach out to you for technical advice specific to the C&C 37. Our boat was a succesful racer all through her days. We actually had a chance to chat with the origional owner Charles. Now she is in the transition to be a Cruiser. Stability, speed, and the open feeling of the C&C 37R will be great attributes when we finally cruise. As for now we are completing several items to make the boat easier to be sailed by 2 people instead of a 10 man Crew. Lazy jacks and sail bag are on the list for next summer.
      So far we have been very happy with her performance.
      James & Tammy


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