Portland Maine to Kittery Maine

So Friday morning we set sail for our home port in East Greenwich RI. We plotted our course and determined that it would take us about 6 days to get home. We casted off from the dock at Portland Yacht Services, had a opening at Casco bridge , topped off with some diesel fuel at a small marina just after and away we went.

First stop was a small bay called Cape Porpoise. It was only a 3.5 hour trip and we felt that this was a good start to familiarize us with the boat and run up the 2 Volvo engines and see how they performed. We were headed into wind so it was a bit lumpy leaving Portland but this did not phase Dragonfly one bit. We had a very uneventful crossing to our first anchorage and managed to hoist the main for a short period.

We were hoping for a mooring or dock for our first evening but with the Covid restrictions and many marinas still being closed we had to set the hook the first night. The entrance to the cove was a bit narrow but well charted and we entered without incident. Tammy stood on the bow once we were ready to drop anchor, it was a bit breezy still – about 15 knotts – so I put the boat into the wind and Tammy dropped the anchor. As we were panning out the chain I had the boat in reverse ( big mistake), the catamaran has a lot more windage than our monohull and we were actually moving backwards fairly quickly. At this point the chain jumped out of the gypsy and started jumping and creating havoc. We hit the UP button and the windlass started hauling in the chain but it would not stop. I went to the bow and had Tammy hit the down button a few times and then the fuse blew.

So now we have about 100ft of chain out and no windlass. I put the boat back in gear and set the anchor. We had a spare 100amp fuse and in a few minutes we had it changed out. However when we turned on the disconnect the anchor windlass started to retrieve the chain again on its own!!. We left it off and I grabbed my meter to start testing items. We found that the solenoid was welded in the closed position and had to be changed out. Thankfully the old owners had a spare on board and after about 30 min we had a working windlass again.

We set an anchor alarm for the evening and laid down for the night. Normally I can sleep like a rock at anchor but my anxiety was still a bit high from all the excitement and I ended up checking the anchor several times that night. At about 11 pm the anchor alarm did sound but I believe it was just set to tight and when we shifted with the tide it triggered the alarm.

Next day we headed out for Kittery Maine. The winds were about 10 knots coming from our aft quarter so with a 6 hour sail we hoisted the main and stretched out the genoa for a great day. This was our FIRST sail with Dragonfly and on a catamaran, so we did not really know what to expect. We could not have had a better sail. The boat held 6.6 knots on a broad reach and was a pleasure to sail. We got to Kittery at around 3pm and picked up a mooring. It was a lovely anchorage and the evening was a dead calm. The only casualty was our son Ray who was a little seasick on Day 2 but was manageable.

Our next stop was going to be Marblehead MA. The old home port for Dragonfly and a very busy harbor that we are soon to find out.

Keep following along as we arrive in Marblehead, passage to Plymouth and head for the Cape Cod Canal.


s/v Dragonfly

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