A hidden Gem

As some of you may know, we love to get out there and explore…new areas, new towns, to take a walk or a sail somewhere new. Even now, with COVID concerns there are ways to have those experiences.

With Rhode Island closed to us (at the time of writing this) and not being able to get to our boat we hopped into our truck and took a road trip– not too far for this one just up the road about an hour or so to a cute little town called Little Falls in New York State.  We have driven by Little Falls numerous time on the highway and have caught a peak of it on different sailing videos as people navigate through the locks but it has been someplace we have wanted to see for a while now.

Little Falls is located at Lock 17 on the Erie Canal and is the largest of all the locks on this canal with a 40.5-foot rise in elevation.  The locks are set down some and nestled between rock cuts and tall mature lush green trees allowing you to enjoy a more natural environment. We were able to experience the canal in use and try to imagine what it would be like to bring our Catamaran through. When we arrived, there were 2 boats in the lock going south and 4 boats waiting to go north…busy spot! One thing that we did notice was the amount and size of debris trapped inside the lock and watching these boats trying  to steer around it with only 40’ of total width was nothing but nerve wracking.

We left the locks in search of food; it was dinner and we were famished. After doing a search for local restaurants we decided to try the Copper Moose Ale House. With so many places closed and changes happening due to COVID we were unsure what to expect as we approached the door.  We opened the door and were immediately greeted with the welcoming voice of the owner Eric, inviting us in. We were shown to our table by our waitress (I forget her name, but super nice) and ordered our beer, Critz Farms Burning Shores Red Ale from Critz Farms Brewing and Cider Co. The beer had a nice refreshing flavor to it and after walking around and exploring for the day it was most welcomed. For food I ordered the creamy mushroom dish with grilled chicken and James or the beef stroganoff – all we can say was WOW. The pasta is freshly made, as is the sauce and every part of our meals, allowing for the full flavor and aroma of the combined ingredients to create a sensational palate.

The décor was inviting with warm colors, an exposed brick wall and a laid-back atmosphere.  Between the food, the beer, and the welcoming environment, this is a place you need to stop by and try next time you are in the area.  So, whether you are boating through a canal or on a road trip across NY, stop in and see Eric at the Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls, NY.


If you are interested in travelling and seeing different place, contact Sundowner Travel by email at tdoucette@dreamvacations.com and be sure to visit www.sundownertravel.com

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