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  1. Hi, what is this component? Was it located in the cubby below the galley sink? I am refitting a 37R almost exactly like yours. I have a space in the cubby with lines running to it, but whatever was there has been removed. Is it a diesel heater?


    1. Ok so we’re able to see it. This is our hot water heater. Ours is located in the aft of the boat behind the bulkhead for the transom. We’re would love to pics of your boat. Where do you sail?


  2. Thank-you, was the jeater part of the original equipment? My boat (Assailant) appears to be fairly original. Could you tell me if you have anything located behind the small door below the galley sink and to the right? That is where I’m trying to determine what is missing. It looks like a diesel line and some other lines ran there. We will sail Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence this year with the plan to head farther up the lakes and then down to the Atlantic in the coming years.


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